Thoughts on Hooking Up



Here’s a journal entry back when I was on the hype of hooking up with random guys I liked. Perhaps some of you might relate to the drill.

November 21, 2012

So another hot and wild hookup has passed. Dude, he has one of the most gorgeous body I have slept with and for that night, we worshiped each other’s cock and cum in each other’s mouth. I never thought it could feel that good. He sucked liked there’s no tomorrow. And I licked every inch of his godlike body. Man, those long and hungry torrid kisses were so damn literally breathtaking.
It felt good. It was fun. It was actually a lot of fun. But the whole day made me think how lonely hookups can be. You are both craving for each other’s manhood and slept together like partners for a few hours of rubbing skins but then the next day, you find yourself single again, wanting for that same horny feeling to last. And man, you know it’s superficial. It’s not even skin deep. After fucking, you take a bath and the scent and the taste go with the shower.
After feeling sad, you go online again. And look for someone you can sensibly talk to. Conversation goes hot. You two become horny. You text. One invites the other and the cycle goes on.
The question is, until when will you let this conquer your life?
I never expected that someone would actually take me seriously after all the mess I have put in my life. To share a lesson, relationship is a continuous mutual effort. On my part, I stopped every means of getting tempted to sleep with other guys.
Some of you might say, “Dude, why not just stop if you really mean to?” Well, I didn’t feel I had to. All I knew then was I had to feed my curiosity and let the past experiences as a child keep me yearn for sex. It was not the virus that made me quit but my willingness to make a relationship work. When you decide, things will follow… And with that, I mean deciding consistently, every single day.

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